School Shoe Guide and Conversions

Everything you need to know to ensure the perfect fitting shoe. Our shoes are made of beautiful soft durable leather, cut to maximise both stretch, strength and shape retention.

We are absolutely barefoot advocates, and we strive to provide a flexible shoe which is still strong enough to protect little feet on their many adventures.

Download our size chart here. If you are still not certain about sizing please  contact us! We are more than happy to get the ruler out and measure an insole for you!


  1. The shoe must have the form of a healthy and natural foot.
  2. There should be room at the front of the shoe, about 1.5 cm.
  3. The heel should be low, so the child's body weight is evenly distributed onto the foot.
  4. The heel support should be firm so it supports the foot when the child walks, runs and plays.
  5. The sole should be flexible so the muscles of the foot can function naturally
  6. The shoe should have the correct length, width and toe hight.
  7. No arch support. Children are born with an arch cushion that gradually disappears as the child gets older. So, children’s shoes do not require arch support. In fact, arch support can have a negative effect and make the muscles passive, which may prevent the foot from functioning naturally. The insole of all our designs are removable should your child require specialised support.


Good children’s shoes should preferably be about 1.5cm longer than the end of the foot. This allows room for proper growth. Each time the child takes a step the foot slides around 5 mm forward in the shoe. So, in reality, the room to grow is around 1 cm.